In order to extend the service life of timber, products are treated with impralit®-KDS (HC3, HC4) and Embalit (HC3) wood preservatives.

The preservative penetrates deep into the wood with the help of a vacuum and pressure. In this case, a vacuum is initially generated in the cell cavities thereby evacuating the air inside them. The cavities are then filled with preservative solution which is forced into the wood under high pressure. For vacuum pressure, different processes are used depending on the type of wood, environment and end purpose, but the majority of Palmako timber is treated according to European Standard EN351-1 to meet hazard classes HC2, HC3 and HC4.

Green or brown impregnated products have been treated with Impralit®-KDS wood preservative from Rütgers Organics GmbH. It is a water-borne, chromium-free wood preservative for the prevention of attack by insects, soft rot and fungal decay. It also offers temporary protection against blue stain and mould. Embalit P/Embacolor CG by Hoetmer b.v. is a grey coloured wood preservative system based on the active compound propiconazole. Wood treated with this is free of heavy metals and can be used in hazard class 3. It protects the wood from decay and preserves the wood for many years.


Pressure treatment green Pressure treatment brown Drying Impregnation Pressure treated pine Pressure treated spruce


Wood is put into the tank & pre-vacuum begins.

Air & moisture is pulled out from wood cells.

The tank is filled up with impregnation liquid.

With hydraulic pressure, liquid is pressed into wood.

The tank is emptied.

Final vacuum pulls out unnecessary impregnation liquid.