Treatment Service

Timber is vulnerable to attack from insects, damp and fungi and needs protection from all of these to extend its working life. All Imprest products are treated using a vacuum-pressure-vacuum method and we also offer timber treatment as a separate service.

Preservatives and Hazard Classes

We have 2 treatment tanks and water-borne, chromiumfree wood preservative – Impralit®-KDS. Please click here to read more about Impralit®-KDS. Chemical is safe for the environment and give the necessary protection depending on the hazard class. For different products, markets & customers we are using different treatment processes but the majority of our timber is being treated according to European Standard EN 351-1 to meet the following hazard classes:

  • HC2 – for outside undercover usage
  • HC3 – for outside non ground contact usage
  • HC4 – for outside in ground usage.

According to NTR (Nordic Wood Preservation Council):

  • NTR AB - for outside non ground contact usage.
  • NTR A - for outside in ground usage.

During the summertime untreated products are being treated with anti-stain preservative by dipping in order to avoid bluestain & mould.

Treatment is available in three colours:

IMprest by Palmako treatment

Green ("Park Green"), HC4, HC3, NTR A, NTR AB

Brown ("Evening Brown"), HC4, HC3, NTR A, (NTR AB?)

Grey ("Vintage Grey") HC3

For extra information you can read about our treatment quality and certificates.