A combination of comprehensive stock of the bestselling items and regular transport solutions enable us to offer good lead times thus enabling the customers to react quicker to the needs of the market.

The delivery time of stock items is usually 2 weeks from order with lorry to mainland Europe and via shipping to England and in case of good timing of days can even be shorter.

We have loyal and reliable logistic partners who plan in advance with us and react to our needs quickly so even the more complicated logistic solutions get arranged with ease and speed.

We use ro-ro shipping line from Estonia to Harwich port with regular sailings 3-4 times a month and all the steps of the delivery process have been perfected throughout the years.

In addition to the shipping line we can fully rely on the truck company in Estonia and the hauliers in UK who are all dedicated to doing their part for a fast and efficient delivery service and keeping all parties informed of timings.

The customer-oriented logistical solution is a benefit to all our customers and makes it easy to work with us.