Postsaver protected posts

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Product code
75  1,8  PC  No 168   3864/ 4536  126  PS075180/1PC168KIH4Y 
 85  1,8  PC  No  132  3036/ 3564  98 PS085180/1PC132KIH4Y
 100  1,8  PC  No  90  2160/ 2610  71 PS100180/1PC090KIH4Y
 125  2,4  PC  No  56  1008/ 1232  34 PS125240/1PC056KIH4Y
 150  2,4   PC   No  42 672/840   24  PS150240/1PC001KIH4Y 

*Pcs per full truck: Europe Mainland/ UK & Ireland

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Postsaver is a bitumen lined sleeve that prevent ground rot in timber fence posts. They work by keeping preservatives in and decay out. As Postsaver barrier sleeves protect the vulnerable ground line area of your post they will extend the service life of your post up to 20 years and therefore reduce your fence renewal and maintenance costs. Read more about Postsaver sleeves.


End processing Pointed&Chamfered (PC)
Treatment chemical     Impralit®-KDS 
Treatment method Vacuum-pressure-vacuum
Treatment class HC4 (pre-dried below 35% of moisture content)
Treatment standard EN351-1
(penetration 6 mm, retention 15 kg/cbm total wood)
Postsaver Double layer sleeve applied to the ground level area
Treatment colour Green  
Guarantee 25 years  

1,15 x 1,15 x length of the post (sticks between each row)


Availability Ex stock
Delivery time 2-4 weeks
Minimum order 1 pack as part of full load

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