Posts and poles

Machine rounded posts and poles form the majority of Imprest production. We offer various specifications starting from 40mm diameter and 0,6m length, reaching 200mm diameter and 4m length. We also produce posts and poles according to customer’s individual requirements.


Timber quality

We use for our products the finest Nordic spruce and pine originating from Estonian forests. Due to hard climate conditions the timber has grown slowly and therefore the strength and durability of the wood is much better compared to faster grown southern timber. Together with high quality pressure treatment the posts and poles will last much longer! Read more about treatment.

Service life

Dependent on the hazard class the guaranteed service life for spruce posts is up to 10 years and for poles, pales and pine posts up to 15 years. We also offer Postsaver protected posts with service life up to 25 years! Imprest guarantees service life only if the timber has been kiln dried prior to the treatment.


Imprest packing has always been noted as one of the best! As all packs are perfectly square, they are easy to handle and store. The  secure shape of the pack makes it possible to keep nice and clean stock where everything is in place and easily found. The packs have been constructed specifically so that they keep their shape when opened. Therefore the round poles do not "escape" as soon as the belts are opened.

We are offering 3 different packing systems:
1. Standard system - pack with 2 sticks
2. Drying system - pack with sticks between each row of posts
3. DIY system - pack with smaller bundles in it / as per customer drawings


Standard system
Drying system