Imprest new product catalogue for 2019

We are pleased to present to you our new product catalogue for 2019. Following the final merger of Imprest AS and Palmako AS this summer the name Imprest stays as a well-known and strong trademark and it will remain in use as the brand of the machine rounded timber.

This year’s product catalogue is divided between three different categories:

  • Under the Round Fencing section we offer posts, poles, bollards etc with a warranty of 25 years for Premium Range Postsaver and 15 years for Premium Range products. Each product has a note next to its code to indicate whether it is a stock product or not. Since 2017 we are NTR A and NTR AB certified and in 2018 we were awarded with WPA (Wood Protection Association) Treated Wood Quality Excellence award.

  • Under the Gardening products we present vegetable bed, garden furniture and six new different picnic tables from Palmako assortment, all available in green or brown treatment.

  • Our Hunting products include 3 different hunting towers and a high seat.

The square fencing products have moved away from the stock catalogue and are now available on enquiries basis. You will find a range of childrens playgrounds, swings and sandpits along with childrens play houses, garden timber & a wide range of garden houses in our Palmako catalogue.

We wish you a very successful new season!

Browse or download stock catalogue 2019 (pdf, 5 МB)