About us

AS Imprest is the leading manufacturer of machine rounded timber products in the Baltic states. We started our operation in the year 2000 and today we export 93% of our output to 23 European countries and more than 250 trade customers. On our own local market we ...

Posts and poles

Machine rounded posts and poles form the majority of Imprest production. We offer various specifications starting from 40mm diameter and 0,6m length, reaching 200mm diameter and 4m length. We also produce posts and poles according to customer’s individual requirements. ...


It has been almost three years since we first announced the merger of Palmako AS and Imprest AS, the subsidiaries of Lemeks Group, in summer 2015 (read former message here) and now the final merger will take place as of 1st August 2018 and thereafter we will continue operating under the name of Palmako AS. All assets, contracts, rights and obligations of Imprest AS will transfer to Palmako AS as a result of the merger. All existing agreements and cooperation conditions will also remain in force. The name Imprest is a well-known and strong trademark and it will remain in use as the trademark of the machine rounded timber product category.

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